Eternal volunteers: Failed branch in "Enemy"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/10/08 10:59 p.m.

"May The Pfharce Be With You"

When arriving, you must go north.

This is a extermination level. The "hive" is very complicated. Look carefully and make sure you killed *everything*. To go to hive, you must go along goo and use a teleporter.

Tycho suspects Leela, and surely Leela suspects Tycho. Tycho thinks she is as dangerous as Durandal. But how about him? You will see.

"Pissing on the Corporation"

You must not do this. ;)

This level has a grave bug( at least in 1.0.3). Polygon #851 is mistakenly set to "Teleport to Polygon 0". If you enter this polygon, you are teleported to an unreachable polygon and cannot exit there. BE CAREFUL NOT TO THIS POLYGON.

You must destroy three circuits. Two are easy and one is a bit difficult.

Tycho failed the trap... or he LETS her escape? Have you heard Hathor's word? Tycho is now enemy and it is HIM who helps Hathor come here!

"The Living Receiver"

You're failed again. Pfhor won the war and they are trying to use Trih xeem to our Sun. I don't know Trih xeem can be used to the small star like our sun (our sun normaly doesn't become nova), but with Jjaro technology, it must be possible.

The station's master are amazed at the fact Pfhor never destoryed the universe. This is known as "Anthropic principle". If they did, we didn't exist and nobody can be amazed at that fact.

This station has a lot of Pfhor now. It is not good to fight here with dream-view. You should go to the exit terminal soon.

Durandal speaks again. He says how dangerous Tycho is. He always hates Tycho.
And Leela is trustable? In M2, he said she deserved better. But now she also became rampant, why does he still favor her? he said "we can't have too many meta-stable personality constructs gallivanting about the universe in Pfhor
attack ships, can we?" in M2. We'll never understand his thought anyway.

So I look for Leela's terminal then...

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