Eternal volunteers: L.08 to L.10
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/8/08 6:20 a.m.

"Core Done Blew"

Wasp is very annoying. Use fighter's stick.

As Tycho says, many doors are unable to open manually. You must find a switch to open. And some switch are also unable to toggle.

You must read a terminal to enter that latter half of this level.

In this timeline, you must kill Tycho instead of Durandal.

"Heart of Fusion"

You must destroy Tycho's main logic core wires.

To enter the core is not easy as Durandal's. You must toggle about 6 switches to enter. Be careful of annoying Compilers. I lost myself and took much time in the first play. Some swtiches are easy to miss.

The structure of Tycho is similar to Durandal's, so if you (unfotunately) already played "Roots And Radicals", you should know the way.

I don't know if I should write here, but I don't understand about "K'lia Junction." It discribes like something betwean a life(you, Driniol, and maybe S'pht) and structures(K'lia, L'howon, Jjaro's dreadnoght and JJaro's stations in L'howon, etc.) Isn't it a tool to improve life's ability? What is the purpose of the structures' end?

Tycho talked about "My processing speed and memory". Yet another implication that "I am like AI" theory. Of course, Tycho may say this only because he is AI.

Hathor escaped to Pfhor military outpost in around 2881. He took a bad choice. Pfhor Empire are almost defeated and their homeworld are about to be sacked. But this is M2-history and may be different in this timeline.

"To Sleep Perchance To Dream"

This level name is from Shakespeare( I think).

This level is extravision-looking. And A view is unfamiliar to me.
In Eternal, extravision-looking means you are in "dream", which is like MI's "Electric Sheep"s, "WAMID", "WYP", "ETP". You are during the time travel. So If you came here, you succeed and are about to the next step. What to do is to go down the river and enter the hole. If you enter, you are teleported to the room where there is a terminal.

According to the logon signature, this terminal message will be from Durandal, but this time it has more Thoth-likeness than failure-dream message. Most part are like poetic and hard to understand. (At first, I thought they are S'bhuth) .

When I wake up, I am at the one of Pfhor outpost in the final war betwean Human and Pfhor...

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