Eternal volunteers: "Roots" & "Tangent Universe"
Posted By: pfhoreDate: 5/7/08 1:09 a.m.

"Roots And Radicals"

We see MADD first at Eternal, do we?

"Harhor can't reach you here. Only I can." He said (or will say?) similar thing about Leela.
Considering his speech, and if I trust him, I had a wrong path. Hathor is more dangerous than it seems.

There is a endless battle betwean troopers and MADDs. You don't have to join it. And you shoudn't, unless you want more trooper's ammo. ;)

This time, entering to the core is not so hard. Be careful of compilers. They are also endless.

You will get the Durandal's core chip. Hathor blames us for getting it even if you didn't. Anyway you must carry it.

I don't know whether Marathon's three AIs should categorize to Traxus IV or Traxus V. In M2, there is "TraxIV" in Tycho's login message.

And Durandal is gone... What can I do then?

"The Tangent Universe"

None. That is the answer.

The extravision-lookings. it made me motion-sickness.

The first terminal is interesting. Apparetely, they don't know Pfhor. Because of escaping of Durandal (and you?), Marathon and colony was destroyed. Even if someone there warned to the Earth, Pfhor can reach the Sol before its message reached there (they have the FTL-driven spaceship.) They know about Jjaro. When and Who told about them? The only possibility is 1994's 'Ryu-Toth' hologram. Or they came again? To teach their technology like Battleroid or AI? If so, it is bad not to teach FTL.

The second terminal is probably Durandal's. How dare he is to talk about Freedom! There is one question about him. He is still merged with Thoth? Or he has his own personality? I cannot find Thoth-likeness from his messages.

I was wrong and I must follow Tycho now. Go. Try again.

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