Help with Marathon Red
Posted By: DoomguyDate: 4/20/08 8:12 p.m.

Ok im doing the level "Last Minute Shopping" in Marathon Red and i am told to kill all the Robots and those Aliens (not the pfhor, forgot the name) before i can get teleported out, i kill all the baddies on this certain floor i find an elevator leading to the top where the terminal is to take me out (once i kill all the baddies), there are some baddies up there so i kill them, now earlier before i cam e to this location i had been near some sort of Pit with slime/goo/waste at the bottom, the slime is in a circle at the bottom with a structure in the Middle once i fall down there i am teleported into another room which i am teleported into another slime pool with a structure in the middle of it (i think i was sent below the floor i had been fighting on), i get out of the Pool and there are baddies all around, once i kill them (took me a while to do this since it is quite hard to get out of the Pool) i now seems like i have killed all the baddies since i killed the rest on the Floor i was on previously. The problem is that i do not know how to escape this Room since there does not seem to be any doors or elevators so i cant go back up to that Terminal to teleport out. If you have played Marathon Red before please help me :)

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Help with Marathon RedDoomguy 4/20/08 8:12 p.m.
     Re: Help with Marathon RedJohn Sumner 4/21/08 1:59 a.m.

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