waaaaaay off--topic
Posted By: NicholaiDate: 4/12/08 8:51 a.m.

Hello guys, I'm sorry if this is so off-topic and/or if this is considered spam; however, I couldn't think of any other place with ppl with so great ideas like the marathon community.

The problem is this... a group of friends (and me) are working on the thesis for graduation, we're doing a multimedia educative software, so we want it to be very interactive, and for this purpose we created a few characters that are supposed to star in a story of 4 chapters... the problem is that our brain has died and we cannot create any story for the 4 chapters with these characters. The characters are very surrealistic. The basis of the story is that they are part of a multimedia class, but we need a funny plot... we cannot think of any. Anyway there characters are:

The Multimedia professor: An old war veteran who's crippled and has a very dry and sarcastic humor(think of Dr. House)

The students are:
The zombie: He's a zombie geek and, well, he eats other classmates, but he's very smart (think of Stubbs the Zombie)

The two other student characters are sort of weak:
The ninja nun: she's er... a ninja nun
Aunt Jemima:Well, she makes hot cakes.
The rest of the class: the rest of the class

Hehe... anyway we want to make it as hilarous as possible, and surrealistic too.

Please give us any ideas, if you wanna intruduce a rampant AI that's great, help us please!!!! The zombie has eaten our brains!!!!

Thank you very much!!!!

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waaaaaay off--topicNicholai 4/12/08 8:51 a.m.
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