Reggie Dujour
Posted By: Justin C.Date: 2/20/08 7:25 p.m.

Okay, this is going to sound kinda weird, but as I was reading through the story pages here, specifically the one on the Pfhor egg, I saw the name Reginald Dujour. I jumped when I saw the last name Dujour, the last name of one of my friends, and then suddenly remembered that he had an uncle named Reg who he said had worked for Bungie a while back! Seeing as how I now have a (perhaps very important) link to one of the people who worked on the original games, I can probably get my friend to ask him some questions to clarify on the various plot issues that have been hanging around for quite a while. What're some things I ought to have my friend request that he explain? Cheers,
Justin C.

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