m1A1/and or all misc questions about marathon etc
Posted By: Bob BlastDate: 2/4/08 4:31 p.m.

ok to start , i need help understanding something, im wanting to know serveral things about m1ai physics ,shapes and maps.
1# where can i get a physics editor for all marathon aleph one formats for osX leopard.?
2# i neeed to know where i can get physics for m1a1, sites etc are appreciated.
3#im wanting to get my shapes for m1ai to work in marathon infinty ,i e i want it to look like m1 shapes in infinty map (but particuler, m2. without the werid chopping look it gets (how do i get that?!) i remeber back in the old days i used to be able to get it to work but for some reason it does'int and all i get is the choppy effect.
4# is there something i can tweak in the scripts text to modify my weapons,aliens, and other things of the such (if i cant find a physics editor that is ) thats all my questions for now , but i have much more to come soon, and sorry if this message is sloppy and hard to get (i was in a rush) i'll come back to post the rest of my questions later (but probly under a different name because for some reason i cant get a profile here )
thanks for your help :)

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