Flowers for Algernon
Posted By: DannyDate: 10/4/07 5:10 p.m.

The other day, I was sitting around posting on various forums and, in essence, doing nothing. So I thought of some things to do. Reading just happened across my mind and I looked for a book that seemed interesting to me.I have my own bookshelf and I skimmed across all the books until I happened upon. Flowers for Algernon.[Your probably thinking: why in the name of our good lord is he posting this here?] Keep reading.

The story is about a slow person named Charles Gordon. He is in a labratory with two doctors, Dr.Something... and Dr. Strauss [I said it.] Gordon is here because he is unusually dumb, if you will, and Strauss is going to give him an operation[?] to make him smart.

He has these races with this rat named Algernon. He does a paper maze and the rat does real mazes. Slowly he starts getting better at these mzes and beats Algernon. And as I read this, one thing kept popping up in my head. Durandal.

"I know about strauss' abuse.." In the story, Strauss gives Gordon a shot or something [Not described in story.] and Gordon gets smarter and smarter. Strauss saw Algernon [Also operated on.] be hostile and stupid again. Gordon realizes he will soon revert back.

This might be the point where Gordon [supposedly Durandal] writes Gheritt White terminal. Algernon reminds me of a familiar phrase from the Gheritt White terminal as well: "Can't sleep in here, if the smell of this musty bedroll
doesn't make you sick, then the sound of the rats chewing
inside the walls will keep you up." Coincedence? Maybe it is maybe it isnt.

I have looked through the Gheritt White puzzling things about page and I also scavenged this:"Cross over the cell bars, find a new maze,make the maze from it's path, find the cellbars, cross over the bars, find amaze,
make the maze from its path, eat the food,eat the path." I though of running the mazes over and over from Algernon's point of view.

I have found a number of other relations as well, "The food they feed you in here could kill a lab rat..." Algernon dies in the end because he is useless to the labratory. This is really piecing together eh? Here's another one:"In his hand he saw a small white rat."

If this theory has already been posted, Im sorry for wasting space. If not.. then.. :D

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Flowers for AlgernonDanny 10/4/07 5:10 p.m.
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