Posted By: AI13Date: 10/2/07 5:38 p.m.

Hello, I decided to post here because this seems to be the best source of information on Marathon anywhere, you all actualy seem to know this game and its nauances. I have been intrested in Marathon since the release of Halo PC,(basicaly, since I begain gaming in general,) but I have yet to find a playable version of it. I have read the terminals for Marathon, Marathon:Durandal, and Marathon Infinity,(if I remember right, Infinity was a remake of the other 2 with extra things added, but I am not sure.) Still, I would like to experiance the game Marathon rather than just screanshots and text, so do any of you know where I can either purchase or download these games? And if so, what the requirements for them were? I think my old Imac should be able to run them or even my pc with the right emulator software. Thank you.

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