The Treasure of Life the Treasure in Life
Posted By: AntoDate: 7/19/07 7:14 p.m.

The Treasure of Life the Treasure in Life

Life itself being a treasure the concept itself treasures much of its beauty and as much as it seems to be and the anonymous it is to the saying that goes as for the beauty and the beast and there also goes the saying ¡§neither you find the stone when you see the dog nor you find the dog when you see the stone¡¨.

There are a lot of simple things in life that people most commonly ignore and there are a lot of complicated things that people put focus on. Needless to say that it is this complexity in people dealing with things makes simple matters complex and complex matters more than complex also allowing the simple matters grown complex making the complex matters indefinitely complex.

Often or every time what you may see may be the only thing that your eyes can see. You see the only one side of the sign board at a time and some times only one side at all. For some matters you may not be gifted enough to see the other side at all.

Buzzing street busy road the street was filled with small sized shops. I was on a mission here. My only aim was that my wife has set. The grueling task of buying vegetables in the road side market. She is very particularly picky and choosy about the choice of vegetables that I buy. She always finds excuses to find faults even in the minutest of things. Speculations in every manner, rather very dark truths are to reveal the brighter side of the truth which you may never be gifted in seeing ¡V never always means never right? Then is never, never is? (Or) that¡¦s like never-never is?

Splashes and plashes, since it is the morning hours¡K Who shades the river blue? The river is shaded black at nights and in different colors on different occasions. The black satin hair flew like a river the smile twinkling like the stars themselves and her pearl white blouse and her sky blue skirt all add flavors to the 7 seasons of the years. All my attentions drawn, drawn was I to the scudded mislead, what was my destiny I nearly forgot, where I was, also I forgot. I literally glazed thro the street like the feather that flown in the air. The feather that flows doesn¡¦t have any intent. The only thing that merely drives it is the laws of physics for that matter that which drives everything. Well physics says that every object continues in its state of rest or uniform motion until acted upon by an external impressed force. The feather does not necessarily get landed always on the ground there always the possibility that it gets landed on a roof top or gets stuck on a tree branch.

There was a strange feeling about all this. I for a moment forgot about everything my wife had told and even about myself. All I had is a point of focus and the focus was her. Closer I went and closer I tried to be as she went from one shop to another I followed her. Even though my attentions were undivided towards her I still could not keep my eye out from glancing at the little young girl who was cutely smiling at me. I looked all around to find no body by her. She is young, she couldn¡¦t have come here by herself, still she could be the shopkeeper¡¦s daughter though¡¦ even the thoughts as so there wouldn¡¦t be any resemblance that could ascertain that idea. As my thought deviated about this for a moment then my head was on stable grounds to clearly understand that I had completely lost track on the mischievously beautiful girl.

For some moments as my thoughts pondered across various directions still I could realize that my eye stood foot at the little girl by the market. Her cute little smile seemed not to be any silly smile but some thing some information that she would want to convey.

Reality strikes back when you are temporarily out of service like you are in amnesia when some one trying to tell that whole story ¡V the destiny of you life as truly as it could be told which changes your current focus to your actual life. I had a requisition from my wife, about some of the few points that she had missed, on the telephone and also she made me realize some of the unfortunate events that lead her to the loss of her memory to the last few instructions and how much I was involved with that. Having brought back to the world of reality I smiled to my self and gazed around to see any trace of the beautiful black haired girl. Well she¡¦s gone long gone. I guess the little girl by the vegetable market is also gone, must be picked up by her parents. Well ok, parents are always like that, they carelessly leave the child some where for them to pick up later. Ok then let me continue with my business. The whole thing has just wasted about 30 minutes of my time. Actually there was a match which I wanted to most certainly see when I go home. The clouds closed up slowly, slowly. It is the middle of the summer so no rain possible. Slowly slowly the cloud started to move up, little by little as though some one is drawing the curtain. The whole place became dark and silent. Suddenly I started to have a feeling that the place has started to become lonely, like people walking away or vanishing off the streets. The shops started to shutter down. Cold¡K I felt the thunder rock, the lightning splashed on the sills and the pavements. My heart started to throb as I hurried around. The last purchase I made and was still paying the hastily shuttering down vegetable vendor. Having the business completed I very quickly turned around to run and make it to the car parked out of the market street. I felt a sudden pull as though something adhered to my coat and restricting my movement. Thinking my coat was stuck on some hook I turned back. Bang went a thunder splashed the lightning on the roof front dazzled-the appearance in all the brightness all the sound, shivered I on the look of the little girl with the cute smile smiling the same right in front of my eyes.

Pretty well the treasures of life are the treasure of life itself. Life itself could be seen as a gift though. It is for those complex things that we may call treasure; we leave from seeing the simple things which actually makes life a treasure.

So here is the tricky part. It is up to you to make your life simple or easy when you could begin to think about how the story would proceed & then most certainly ¡V how it will end. Actually there is nothing more to it just one more page which will give the rest of the story, well if nothing is nothing then it is every thing right?

Ok or to if you are a story lover here is a forum in which you can post how the story may continue and may finally end ļ

If you really want to know the end of the story then you may probably mail me to find it out. Any one can make it ¡V what ever the end is, every one can make their own story. But still you may want to know what is that I¡¦ve written!!!

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