Story! Whee!
Posted By: RazakielDate: 4/29/07 3:31 p.m.

Darkness. Most of you fear it. But, you don't fear the dark itself. Instead, you fear what could be lurking within the shadows as you turn every corner, take every breath. I cannot tell you where the impression of things killing you in the dark came from, but please to be warned. I, and my kind, will take no pain in ending your life in broad daylight. Of course, there are things that do dwell in the shadows, most commonly referred to as Vampyres. Once again, I could not tell you where the name came from. These beings couldn't step into the light even if they wished to. Which is why their kind is slowly dwindling. We are the Beasts. We are the new apocalypse. And all of you? Well, quite simply put, you're our fodder, our weaponry, our sport.

-Razakiel Lachance.

There was a loud buzzing coming from down the hall. It was growing in intensity with every step that Razakiel took. He turned around to see if his comrades were still with him, and wasn't surprised to see the most of them dead on the ground. There was still one Leech draining from Lucien's throat. Raze began to whistle slightly, which immediately caught the attention of the creature. It was a very pale, glowing white that offset the crystal blue of its eyes. "Ahh... You must be an Iceling... Very well." He drew a blade from the side-sheath connected to his upper thigh. With the simple flick of his fingers, the blade was immediately encased with a black flame. The Iceling took its human form and looked to be ready to defend itself.

"What are you hunting our kind for.... Treacherous fool!" The Iceling's frozen throat made the words come out like an awful hiss, almost as if he was the pure incarnation of evil. Before letting Raze respond, he rushed him with his hands curled like claws and ice spikes being sent out of his finger tips. Raze side stepped from the blow and placed his hand on the back of the Iceling. He shoved the hilt of the blade into the eye of it and let a thunderous kick connect directly with its knees. There was a sound of bones splintering as the creature let out a howl.

"Why do I hunt your kind? Well, that's really none of your concern, now is it?" With the final words that the creature would ever hear came a swift, yet painful death. The flaming blade was stuck into the chest of the creature and it was immediately engulfed within the darkness of hate. Raze took a look at his fallen brothers and let a small tear roll down his cheek. Most of them he had known for many, many years. Millennia, even. And, they were finally dead. Raze was a man of strong stature and rarely cried, so he wiped the tears away immediately, as if someone may have been watching.

"Well well well, Mr. Lachance. It seems here that your friends have been slain. Aww, what a pity. Perhaps it would be most wise of you to join them in their eternal damnation? It could be very fun, you know." A man dressed in a white silken robe drifted through the doorway at the end of the hall, seemingly floating on air.

"Jorien..." Raze instantly shifted from sorrowful to having the anger and rage of a daemon. His physical appearance altered from the usual pale and broody look to that of someone that had been possessed by Suffron himself. His arms turned into what appeared to be brimstone, and the rest of his body was instantly shrouded in the same black flame that had once surrounded his blade. But, he was not the only one that could have a transformation. Jorien's robes ripped in the back to reveal four beautifully angelic wings. His feet turned into talons, his face had a beak. His hands went from being curved out of feeling threatened to being curved so that his talons wouldn't puncture his own flesh.

"I see that you've honed your transformation since the last time we met, Razakiel! This shall be a very, very entertaining show."

"Entertaining, eh? Hrm. Do you have the music this time, Jorien?"

"When don't I? I always have a large selection of anything that may suit your fancy." At the end of his sentence, the sounds of what seemed to be a giant chorus of stringed instruments began to play, shattering all of the windows into many, many fragments.

"This'll do... This will indeed do." Raze slammed his arms together and sent a bit of a shockwave spiraling outwards. Jorien simply floated backwards and wasn't effected by the wave of energy in the slightest. Raze felt as if he was fighting a losing battle, since he had never been able to defeat Jorien, no matter how many centuries he had tried. He decided that it was time to unveil his newest Technique that he had been working many years on. "Jooooooorrrrrien! Want to see a trick?! Watch this!" The roar of his voice made the music stop as the strings ripped. He reached his hands into his back, which was almost pure flame, and removed his spine. He dropped to his knees temporarily but soon regained his structure as the spine grew back. His previous had turned into a blade shrouded in the red glow of blood. Jorien couldn't help but to run at the sword, but he suddenly stopped.

"A... A blood blade?", asked Jorien as his eyes bulged in terror and anticipation. "Those are simply fabled... No mere Beast could EVER do that! What... What do you want with our kind?" Raze began to speak, but Jorien's terrified face turned into a twisted grin with his beak being the forte of the teeth. He thrusted the beak at Raze and caught his arm, which did absolutely nothing but fragment a bit of the stone off.

"You're not supposed to be able to resist this... The prophecy... What? Oh. Just kidding. No, this is no blood blade, my friend. This is simply a blade blessed with the divine blood of my father." Raze thrusted his blade at the wings of Jorien and caught the middle of both of them, causing a bit of impalation and a scream of agony. He ripped the blade out and took a swing at Jorien's legs. The wound that was caused to the wings seemed to instantaneously heal up. Raze felt a short second of fear, but immediately flushed away the feeling by reminding himself of how many friends he had lost tonight. Jorien retook his human form and walked up to Raze.

"Perhaps I will offer you this gift... The gift to join the winning team. If you convert to Vampirism, I will make the the leader of the strongest army in all of existence. Women will want you, men will want to be you. Or, for the males that decide that they're feeling a bit curious, they might want you, too. What do you say?"

Raze's form had worn off and his fleshy body laid on the ground with a large chunk of skin missing from the arm. "Vampire? Are you absolutely kidding me? Well... Leader of the army of your kind? That proposition does sound quiiite appealing... But. Being a vampire? It seems a bit... Uneven. I lose my demonic side for the chance to be one of you blood suckers? Hell no." With the strongest kick he could possibly muster, Raze thrusted his legs into the chest of Jorien. He was launched backwards and was impaled upon a row of metallic spikes. This didn't kill him, of course, but it did cause him to flee in fear. Raze stepped to his feet and could feel the sting of his arm's wound fading. He figured it best to continue down the hall and see what was causing that blasted buzzing, but soon regretted it upon sighting it. "What the hell... All of these were supposed to be dead by now..."

"All of these are supposed to be dead? And, just what exactly are we? Perhaps we're what make the kids cry, eh? Perhaps we molested you from your home? Or, do you not even have a reason to fear us? Please, We're waiting."

Raze could feel his heart begin to beat faster, and faster. The rotted flesh of the Liche race was beginning to strike his nose, and he couldn't help but vomit. "You.. You are a Liche. I have no re-" He was cut short by a spell of vomit. "Aww, shit. I hate the taste of puke... As I was saying. You are the Liches, the ones that were banished by Suffron himself. What is your reason to be here?"

"Our reasons?" The Liche let out a maniacal laugh. "You don't need to know that, really. Just be warned, you will die, Razakiel." With the final word, the Liche dropped through the ground, leaving it's robes and the infestation of flies (the cause of the buzzing, it was learned) in its place.

"This is going to be a bad, bad day. Or week. Or, hell. Year, even!" Raze scooped up the members of his squad and began the journey back to Scotland.

Chapter one.

Ahh, so this is what we have become. Creatures of the night, scum of the planet. Honestly, I've never felt better myself. Maybe waiting so long to take Jorien's deal was a bad idea. Doesn't matter, now. No longer will we worry about the protection of the innocent, the downtrodden. We MAKE them downtrodden, now. Blood is our life, suffering is our joy. You all just pushed down in the Food Chain...


It's been four hundred years since then, maybe four-hundred and ten. Jorien's offer had finally turned Raze, and he was now the leader of the strongest Post-apocalyptic army iknown to any, man OR god. He's forsaken the thoughts of protecting the innocent and all that jazz. He eliminated the entire Beast race, and killed Jorien to overtake the Vampiric Brotherhood.

"All right! Now, I want the lot of you to rape, pillage, and loot anything you can get your bloodsoaked mits on! Leave no one alive! Kill the livestock, the farmer, the farmer's wife, and his children! And, for the love of Suffron, don't get any blood on your clothes! We MAY be evil, but we want to look good!" Raze let out a deep laugh as he took his seat at the head of the battle field. The screams of the innocent and wicked alike tasted the same to him. At one time, he would have been the first to stop this mindless massacre. Now, he encouraged it. "Jorien, Jorien, Jorien. You were such a tool! This is immaterial, now." Raze's troops were setting the field ablaze with darkness, which pleased him very much. "Yes! That's it! No, no! Don't stab them in the throat! That's a waste of blood! BEHEAD them if you want to hit their head! Gah, I have to do it ALL myself!"

The sun was still blackened from the war of 1426, so Raze had absolutely no restrictions of time. He drew his dual blades, Loque and Sanguine, and rushed into the village, swinging madly. Flames lept from the ends of the blades and began to set the cottages ablaze. The screams of the victims were like a symphony to his ears. But, he became caught up in the moment.There was a farmer behind him with a pitchfork. By the time Raze saw, it was far too late. The farmer thrusted his weapon into the back of Raze, but it was stopped by what seemed to be an invisible force. Raze simply laughed and snapped his fingers. The armour that was previously hidden was now exposed, now with a scuff in the back. "You bloody little bastard! I JUST had this polished! Well, blood has ALWAYS polished better than... Well, polish."

"... Why?! What has posess-" The farmer was cut off short by Raze's hand around his throat.

"These things are not for you to know, Farmer. But, I do applaud your bravery. Perhaps you'd like to join us? The life of a Vampyre is so much more fun than that of a simple human. What do you say...?"

"... A Vampyre? Will it spare me?"


"Then, gladly, my sire." The farmer's neck was quickly exposed and Raze latched onto it. The farmer let out a scream of both ecstacy and agony, and he soon went limp and fell onto the ground.

"Do not worry, my friend... You aren't dead, despite what it may feel like. That's your heart stopping it's beating." Raze used one of his blades to cut his wrist and drained some of his blood into the mouth of the Farmer. "This will seal your fate, my friend. What is your name? Think it, you do not have to speak."

The Farmer's thoughts were like a maelstorm within Raze's head. He picked the name Nathanos from within and placed it within his memory. He had always preferred to know the names of his comrades, and he could see a bright future for this Nathanos.The Farmer stood back up and Raze could see the need to feed in his eyes. "Ahh... The first signs of blood rage. I love seeing new recruits! Now, join your brothers! Kill, drink, do anything!"

"Yes, Sire!" The voice had morphed into a bit of a roar, but Raze knew that ieffect would wear off soon. Raze returned to his throne, but this time something felt wrong. He couldn't place it, but he knew that he had felt it before. But... It felt different than it had before. A stark realisation came to Raze's face as he heard the wings of an angel flapping behind him. He turned around and drew his blades, especting to see what he once knew. He decided that he simply overreacted and mistook a dove's wings for an Angel's.

Raze allowed his voice to rip through the town as he called his troops back. "Men! The lot of you, back to the Home! We are done here, for the night. You are allowed to bring one body, for feeding or sexual purposes, I honestly don't care."

Raze had gained a few new powers since his last time he had to make a long journey, one of which was the ability to teleport from Shadow to Shadow. He rushed for a bit of shadow and dropped down through it, landing peacefully onto the couch in the main room. His troops slowly funnelled in behind him, most with human prey. The women had brought either men or women, and the majority of men brought young women. Raze banished them out of his sight for the night, his reasoning being he needed time to talk to Nathanos. "In case you didn't see, we have a new member amongst our ranks. Treat him the way that we treat the new ones, and if I hear anything otherwise, I'll kill you myself." Raze looked over at Nathanos. "As for you, stay with me."

"Wha... what is it, sire?" Nathanos had a look of sheer terror on his face.

"You fight like a demon, my friend. You wielded that pitchfork as if it were... The hammer of Suffron. I see a bright future for you, but only if you stay smart. Attacking me? Wasn't smart, no matter how brave it was. These Vampyres in here? They'll fight for your life. You return that, or we take your life. It's a rather simple ideal. Did you bring a victim back for feeding?"

"Yes, sire. I brought my neighbour's daughter."

Raze let out a boisterous laugh. "Young blood, eh? I like you already." Raze gave Nathanos a pat on the back and sent him to his room. "One last thing, Nathanos. Do not cross me... I will not hesitate to shatter your life just as quickly as I awoke you."

"Yes, sire. Thank you very much, my lord."

"Oh, for the love of Suffron, call me Raze. This 'sire' crap is driving me batty."

"Okay... Raze."

Nathanos parted to his quarters and Raze began to think back to the incident earlier in the night.He had heard rumours of Jorien being resurrected as one of the Angels that he so often mocked. He gave the subject little thought and continued his reigh of terror. That was three weeks ago. This flapping, that feeling... It had to be him. Raze laughed at the irony of the situation as he began to think to himself. ~Well, this is a change in roles now, isn't it? We go from we wanting him banished for his evil, to him wanting me banished for being so damned good at what I do.~ He laughed once more and picked up his chalice of blood. He drank it slowly, as not to damage the flavour of it in any way. Damaged blood tastes like the blood of the elderly... Absolutely disgusting.

"Raze, dear... Perhaps it's time that you took a sleep? You've not slept in three days, and we're beginning to get worried."

Raze turned towards Abernathy and let a small smile grace his lips. He had always liked her, and she was the one that had finally convinced him to join their ranks. "Ahh, Abby! It's good to see you once again. Perhaps I will take my leave and rest, but it will be later in the evening. What sun is there to worry about, these days?" Raze and Abernathy both joined in a laugh. "But, I do think that you require sleep, my dear."

"Nonsense. I missed out on the, pardon the expression, razing of the town, so I will not rest until there is another. I'm sure that you understand."

"Of course, of course. Come, join me and we shall talk." Raze allowed Abernathy space on the couch and took another drink from his chalice before offering her a taste.

"Oh, thank you!" Abernathy took a slow, long drink and still had some blood on her lips, which Raze took the liberty of wiping onto his finger and offering it to her. Abernathy blushed slightly, and Raze couldn't help but laugh.

"Blood is a terrible thing to waste, my dear." He let a grin spread across his face as if it were a plague.

"Yes... It is..." Abernathy became entranced in Raze's stare.

Raze looked away suddenly, as if he heard something. "Damnit! This is going to drive me bloody crazy!" Raze flipped the table that his chalice was once on over and splintered it into many pieces.

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