Re: Thoth Tee-Shirt
Posted By: thermoplyaeDate: 1/6/07 6:17 p.m.

In Response To: Thoth Tee-Shirt *LINK* (Tyler)

: I didn't want to tell you guys I made this tee-shirt right after I made it,
: because I wanted a photo to go along with it, and photo I didn't have at
: the time.
: Early December for my graphics class, I screenprinted a shirt with Thoth's
: symbol on it. Mainly because it was the easiest thing to make quickly and
: I wanted to finish other projects at the same time (Plus the white
: marathon logo has been done already).
: Since the time I made it, people haven't been asking me what it is, they
: assume what it is and tell it to me. I've heard everything from it being
: the Ska-Edge to some kind cult symbol. Its now the shirt I wear when I go
: to shows.

: As for the photo: Yes that is me, and no thats not my house. This photo was
: taken at a party on the 15th of December, and without me knowing. I was in
: the middle of a tabletop Soccer game and my friend took it, and she just
: sent it to me a few hours ago.

I'm one of the owners of the original 12 or so Marathon tees printed by Blayne, but I've always been hoping someone would get around to doing this (Thoth). Too bad you're not in a position to make more than one. :)

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