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Posted By: The Sullen "D" ButtonDate: 6/6/06 1:21 a.m.

In Response To: Re: movie? forget it. How about a short film? (Forrest of B.org)

: Get some good voice actors and machinima is not out of the question. Probably
: wouldn't want to use the original Marathon of course... which would in
: turn require nice high-quality 3D models of all the relevant characters
: ported to some suitable engine...

Parallel to an idea I was just having now: Why not make "Where giants have fallen, you can conquer" into a short film? ... a highly abstract film. Some machima, some hand drawn animations, some 3D rendering, live action even, and LOTS of voice work. The film would be non-linear and disposed to radically different styles, which would make it ideal as a collaborative project where several people could go off in their own corner and create a segment that reflects their vision.

Extend the story arc to mention Halo at the end. (In the sense that Marathon's protagonist and John 117 are 'eternal heroes' vis. Morecock.) Compare page 14 of "Where giants have fallen, you can conquer" to the Halo 3 trailer. Hamish knew it before Bungie did.

Also, bury subtle references to every single Bungie game, so in a strange way, the film is also a capsule of Bungie's history. (I don't know where the Stave of Ultimate Doom would fit in.)

I'd pay a dollar for that.

Where giants have fallen, you can conquer

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