070707 fanfest?
Posted By: Johannes GunnarDate: 5/7/06 11:49 a.m.

we got one year and couple of months to think about this.. are we gonna host a fan fest somewhere? what will we do? i mean, this is probably the only time to actually meet before the marathon community as we know it dies.

so, we need to start talking again and finish some planning as soon as possible because some people will have to fly and that will be expensive so they need a good time to raise some money. So yeah, i really want to see this idea happen.

now, maybe the first thing we would like to plan is location, not exact location but just what country it should be in. one idea was iceland because of 1) cheap planetickets thanks to iceland express and 2) it's right between USA and the mainland of Europe which would end up with a similiar cost to everybody. (except us icelanders, hehe) now i might sound selfish trying to hold this in iceland. but well, it's just an idea, an idea i think even Steve Levinsson pointed out some time ago.

Another idea would be to host couple of fan fests, one for europe, one for usa.. or mb something like that...

i would actually love to fly to sweden for a scandinavian fan-fest which would include me, DMA, Goran, vid-boi and some more... :)

but yeah... we want ideas.. and we want somebody to plan this.. if this will be held in iceland, i will be more than glad to plan it, or at least try. :)

one more thing... we need an idea for what we are actually gonna do.. :P

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