Story: Hats off to 8.19
Posted By: AppleswitchDate: 1/30/06 7:53 p.m.

Storkinator on the Pfhorums pmade a pretty amazing post a day or so ago and although Im sure you guys have probably already figured this out I might as well show ya, you can read the post at http://www.pfhorums.com/index.php?showtopic=55 or below

"I have always been confused by the Hanger 96 we see, "as if from an old dream." There are many clues, though the best one is the secret map "Hats Off to Eight Nineteen" which we see grainy, green images of in some of the terminals. Are Hanger 96 and 8.19 the same level? When did we have this old dream?

Part of the introductory text at Bungie's old site read:


At 0820 hours the UESC Marathon Space Station came under surprise attack by unknown alien forces. You were returning from the colony in a shuttle that was also attacked. Your escape pod reached the Marathon 30 minutes after the attack started.

The most intruiging part of the status report is the time the Marathon was attacked. 820. Hmmm, 819? 820?
Could we have been asleep in our shuttle, dreaming about Hanger 96 until the moment the UESC Marathon was attacked? Was 0819 hours our last moment of freedom, the last moment before our lives were changed forever by the Pfhor, the Marathon, and Durandal? People take their hats off for several reasons. Perhaps the "Hats Off" is in mourning."

Storkinator's Post

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