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Posted By: PyroSporkerDate: 1/7/06 4:37 p.m.

In Response To: Source of Headless Sounds (Forrest of B.org)

: I'm sure Bungie probably got the Headless screeches off of some stock sound
: CD as they did so many Marathon sounds, but I recently discovered entirely
: by chance what those sounds actually are.

: Bird calls.

: There's a type of sea bird in my area called the Snowy Plover, that's
: apparently an endangered species, but you can still go walking on the
: beach near their nesting grounds. The only other birds around there are
: brows pelicans and western gulls, and their calls are uninteresting and
: can be heard all over. But walking down along that beach the past couple
: of days, I kept hearing Headless screeches (the kind of sound they make
: when you shoot them). I traced the source of them to see if maybe someone
: was playing PiD on the beach, but no such luck... it's just bird calls!
: And since the only non-gull, non-pelican around there are the Snowy
: Plovers, it's gotta be them. Being endangered would explain why I've never
: heard them before I moved here.

: I think that the Headless screeches may have received a bit of
: post-processing on top of the regular Plover calls, but they're so damned
: similar, the same exact pitch-shift for *both* of the headless screeches,
: that I'm sure the Headless sounds were taken from these Plovers.

Interesting Idea!
I decided to poke around a bit.
Here is a site that I found that has a example of it's call and other information on the bird:

I dug a little deeper into the source code and got the actual URL for the MP3:
(Maybe someone can mess around with it, like slow it down or tweak it to sound more like the game?)

I dug just a little deeper and found that this is a whole library of bird calls, just change the 300 number in the URL for a different bird call. I looked at the next 10, and 3 stood out to me:
Can't remember if these sound like anything from PiD, but they sound like they are from some game I played that I can't think of (Just remembered; Half-Life):

Here is a funny site I found along the way:

The snowy plover, or Charadrius alexandrinus as it is known to the scientific community, is identified by its short, thin, dark-colored bill and its black stubby-ass legs. It looks like it is just begging to be squashed. I mean, come on. It is almost as if God was making this bird, decided (rightfully so) that he fucked up, and decided to squash it. Fortunately, God is a sadist, and wanted to see this abomination suffer before he put the little shit out of its misery. He was probably in the process of squishing it, got distracted by people killing other people in "his" name, and decided to go smite some humans instead (rightfully so). The snowy plover was unfortunately forgotten by God. But not by me (luckily)... However, hippie idiots accross the globe think that these shit-eating birds are worth saving. Why? Because they are cut, fuzzy, have wings, short bills, and just plain look like evolution should have wiped these fuckers out a long time ago."
It gets funnier, with MS paint diagrams and stuff :)

On a side note, check out this picture I saw on a profile on the redvsblue forums:
It is a random picture of a carrot a user found on google. Looks like a friggen headless to me! The user that put it up didn't even get it.

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