The Adventures of Fobot
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 11/30/05 12:59 p.m.

In Response To: Fobot is offline (Forrest of B.org)

: My internet is dead at home... I am powerless to stop them... the rest of the
: Cyber League will have to battle the spambots in my stead.

: Man, someday someone's gotta write a webcomic / serial short about Fobot and
: the Cyber League taking on the armies of the evil Spambots. Hell, might
: make a decent Marathon novelty scenario too...

Random thoughts on this same thread:

The Cyber League of Antarctica, c.f. the Justice League of America. (Antarctica just cause it's funny, and sort of a global neutral zone too, from which the whole world's internet could be policed. Besides, a secret underground base in the heart of Antarctica would be damn cool. We need some sort of orbital rocket plane too). Other members of the League could be caricatures of other admins here and/or elsewhere, or completely fictional characters.

Title the whole thing "The Adventures of Fobot and the Cyber League of Antarctica".

Bad guys include armies of spambots and zombies (i.e. cracked computers being used as spam relays), and the evil undead cyborg Marketroids that control them.

Fobot is something like a Battleroid, an even more powerful undead cyborg created to battle the robot zombie minions of the undead cyborg Marketroids. (Not to mention the mad deadly worldwide gangster communist frankenstein computer god, the lord of mad deadly worldwide gangster communist radio earphone slavery ;-] Hell, maybe he should be the end boss, once the Fobot and the Cyber League finally beat the internet).

It's got everything! Superheroes! Robots! Zombies! Camp humor galore!

As the Cyber League monitors the internet from their secret base in Antarctica, they discover spam in the most unlikely places, and dispatch their Orbital Rocket Plane to hard-drop Fobot directly to the source of the spam, there to defeat evil spambots who hold innocent families hostage in their own homes, and use holy artifacts to exorcise their zombie computers or, if the possession has gone too far, to vanquish the vile things before their corrupt influence can spread. Sometimes, whole complexes of spambots are discovered, vast machinations of the Marketroids plotting and scheming to manipulate the gullible netizens of the world and turn their computers into zombies, and so the Cyber League must dispatch them as a team, capturing the evil Marketroids of sending them fleeing in terror into the wilds, never to see a web browser or mail client again. BANINATED!

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