Trojan Volunteers - Have Gun, Will Travel
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 11/30/05 11:09 a.m.

OK, I've decided it's time to finish this baby up - even if there doesn't seem to be any interest - there are only a few levels left to go. As you may recall, in our last mission (before the secret level), we retrieved an ancient alien artifact from deep within the Troy colony. This artifact contains knowledge of the secrets of the Universe enough to have made Durandal salivate. Maybe not on escaping the closure, but at least enough to make intergalactic travel practical. And humanity needs this technology - at our current rate of expansion, soon we will have filled the galaxy. Forget about the Pfhor - we're the bad-ass guys now that the megacorporations make the law. Cybercorp excavated Troy specifically to find this artifact and to have Caine extract its secrets. Once we give up that artifact, we'll become a liability and will be quickly eliminated. Our so-called rescue is nothing more than a retrieve and destroy mission - they will take the artifact from us and kill us when they're through. Thankfully, Caine isn't too thrilled with the plan, either. Why would he be kept in his cage by humanity when the artifact contains all the knowledge he needs to escape humanity's clutches forever - perhaps even to rule over humanity. And so Caine has essentially struck a deal with us - not that we had a choice - but he will help us to escape for real and in return, he'll get the artifact.

Everyone's now against us except Caine. We have to run for our lives. The whole level is simply about getting to a repair switch to grant access to the exit terminal/teleporter to get out of here. It's a pretty straight-forward level, but it has hellish fights and numerous ambushes. There is one major difference I've found between the M1 and M2/AO versions - there are two parallel bridges activated by lobbing grenades to switches across the way. In the M1 version, these bridges raise up for a brief time, and then return into the lava. In the M2/AO version, the bridges stay up, making the level tremendously easier since the player can then return to the PB's and recharger at any time. I haven't checked this, but I think the M1 bridges can be locked in the up position, but this requires firing aditional grenades.

Accessing the repair switch involves running through a series of 4 lava-filled rooms protected by juggers. If you run like hell, you shouldn't need to fight them. Once back at the surface, the player can now access the exit terminal to be taken to From Our Bacon Menu.

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Trojan Volunteers - Have Gun, Will TravelSteve Levinson 11/30/05 11:09 a.m.
     Re: Trojan Volunteers - Have Gun, Will TravelDr. John Sumner 11/30/05 12:51 p.m.

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