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Posted By: CubicCircleDate: 10/29/05 7:17 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Damage Incorporated Ending (MrHen)

: Oh wow... I haven't played that in years...

: Have you tried getting into the resources? If you pull the clip out you may
: be able to manipulate it a little.

I recorded it to a tape (yes, you heard right) and then I played it over and over, but I just couldn't make some of it out. I asked other people, but to no avail (alas).

This is what I've got:

When the prodigal son returns,
it is the greedy (icon?) he wants.
When heís been to the other side of the inferno
does he want to be frozen instead?
And who is responsible for the ice?
For the chill, that comes with the ice?
For the PAIN, that is insurmountable?
Is it the people? The places? The things?
I donít know, but I DO know what must happen,
what must happen.
One of the XX XX,
the same one that sends us adrift,
does nothing for our return,
does nothing for our pain,
but denies that it exists.
Just whoís chemicals were they? Just WHO'S, PAIN, IS IT?!
Iíve seen alot.
Been around, been around,
but nothing is worse than the colonies.
No no, no no.
What could be worse?
Where noone wants (anyone who isnít themselves?).
Where noone wants to spend more than 30 seconds figuring anything out.
When a country need to get rocked, and cold-cocked, to feel itís alive.
Where men say ĒShe was asking for itĒ.
Where spilling coffee makes you a millionaire.
Where a man is trialed for critizicing the rediculous because ĒHEíS DANGEROUSĒ!
Donít cry fire, just doing my job here, just doing my job,
but someoneís got to throw the switch!
But itís the sharks that win in the end, yes they do.
When a black man kills a white woman, and the (throbbing horde?) gets all upset.
But when a black man kills ten other black men, and everybody sleeps tight.
When the government determinds the positions we can use, and who we can use them with,
DONíT ASK, DONíT TELL! Thatís not censorship, thatís (democracy!?)
The greatest healthcaresystem in the world, Adam Smithís a great success, isnít he?
Thereís gotta be ten people who love them, doesnít there? And ten peopleís enough, if the lust him enough.
Thatís when I reach for my M16... it has all the answers.
I knew the marines would be back for me some day,
they never forget their dead, do they?
But you canít save the colonies, no no, theíll fall on their own, with or without my friendly pursuation.
Unless a few hundred slaughtered isnít enough for you, but I can see the murder in your eyes,í
hard, harsh indeed.
So youíve found my italian comrades?
Then why donít you come join me!
Once upon a time in the west...
Be seeing you.

Each X is a syllable, and (?) are unsure words, to be totally clear.

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