Trojan Volunteers - Doughnuts for Dinner
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 9/12/05 4:16 p.m.

Yum, yum, doughnuts. What a nutritious meal! Any way, we've been sent back to the GenCorp ship to do a little more exploration, read some more terminals and create some more mayhem. The Troy colony is a hopless loss for the time, so we're going to get some payback, and why not go after GenCorp, just for fun? To be fair, we're only one part of the operation. A colleague has been sent over to the alien ship to do much the same, and we'll have the opportunity to finish his (or her) work later, when they don't come back.

Unlike with our last journey to the GenCorp ship, we can pretty much return to our little safe outpost any time we wish - and we'll need to! Things have definitely been ratcheted up a notch and we now face some new monsters to make life a bit more difficult. In addition to the green and white GenCorp Drones, we now face cloaked drones that shoot white energy bolts. Even more difficult are the tanks - real tanks driven by GenCorp soldiers - they fire bullets and grenades and are oh so hard to take out. We'll waste a lot of ammo dealing with these babies!

The spoiler guide gives a nice run-through and it even covers the essential secrets on the level, but as always it doesn't convey the feel of playing this level. The large radioactive chanbers are dazzling, and the drones can fire at you from unexpected places. An oddity in the unofficial AO version - crossing these rooms doesn't do any damage. Add that one to the list of things to be fixed if we're ever allowed to make an official AO version of Trojan. After reading all the terminals and with a little help from Able, who's been busy breaking GenCorp's codes, we'll end up with everything we need to finish off the GenCorp ship for good. Let's go "Say it with Grenades".

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Trojan Volunteers - Doughnuts for DinnerSteve Levinson 9/12/05 4:16 p.m.
     Re: Trojan Volunteers - Doughnuts for DinnerDr. John Sumner 9/13/05 2:55 a.m.

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