Trojan Volunteers - The Roach Farm
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 7/18/05 11:23 a.m.

Yikes, the aliens have damaged the Troy Colony's reactor and she's about to blow! All we need to do is to retrieve 3 reactor control units and insert them in the appropirate slots - what could be simpler?

This particular level stands out in my mind for one major reason - I first played Trojan at a time when I was beginning to develop the skills to play Marathon on TC. I had finished the entire trilogy on TC and this is the level I just couldn't do. Of course I've since played it on TC several times, but if you can't dodge enemy projectiles, this level will be hell.

Unlike the last level, there is a PB and 2X recharger that is fairly accessible almost from the start. Clearing a path to them and going down that elevator to open access is another matter. I find it interesting how this level comes together. The various parts are all interconnected and the switch you need to flip to gain access to the core is right in the control room - you just can't get to it and need to find another way around. This involves a leap of faith - making a jump down into the exterior support ring around the core and making your way through the ductwork. The pathway is contrived, but no more than much of what we saw in M1. There is a second leap of faith to make in the northeast part of the map - you can see the potential paths in map view, but you have no way of knowing which is above you and which is below you. As they say, if at first you don't succeed . . .

Eventually the player comes to a cool room in the northern area of the map. It's a bit tricky to land just right on that platform, but a PB nearby takes the sting out of a misstep. There are switches to through here including one that is easily missed on the back of the main structure - I remember one time playing this when I had run out of grenades and couldn't finish the level at this spot - some well-placed grenade ammo would have helped.

All-in-all, I now like this map. It's a bit boxy in construction, but everything fits together nicely. We also meet our first assimilated human here - not so explosive this time, but he packs a mean punch. And it's the last sane level for a while - we're about to meet our first rampant AI

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Trojan Volunteers - The Roach FarmSteve Levinson 7/18/05 11:23 a.m.
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