DiaBD Volunteers - AMBUSH!/Hack-O-Rama
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 7/5/05 5:10 a.m.

At last we arrive at the pirates' home base. Time for some real payback, and we'll show no mercy, even when they plead for their lives. This isn't a particularly challenging level, however, and in many ways it's anticlimactic. I hate to say it, but this level strikes me as someone's early mapmaking attempt - not at all what I would expect of a scenario finale - but there's more to come in the next scenario - much more.

We start out in a square room with a terminal and a PB. A window gives a view of where we'll eventually be heading. Exiting through the solitary door, we must cross a room that is strewn with pylons that block our way. Oh, there are also some fighters and hunters here, so we may want to hang back and take them out from a safe vantage point first. After the way is clear, be sure to look behind the pylons - there is a fair bit of ammo here. Traveling down the next hall, we come to a junction with some spiral stairs leading up and down. Up is a switch that opens the next door. Down is a 1X recharger and a switch that opens a timed door back in the hallway from which we just came. There is some ammo there. Also if you look in map view, you'll note a corridor that seems to lead off the spiral stairway. Head back down and look up - there it is. Now you can blast your way up there and pick up the ammo inside, or you can wait - there is another way in that we'll come to later.

Continuing ahead, we come to a room with a couple of doors, both of which are locked. Look out the window and you'll see a switch you can hit with your fusion gun. Now you can proceed. From here you can head out a door to your left and jump into a large monster-filled area or you can proceed forward and down some stairs that take you to the same place. After all the pirates have been killed, you'll find a second switch in this area that will open the other door back at the last junction. Heading back there and dealing with the newly released pirates and their drones, head through that door, but don't jump down just yet. Look ahead and left and tab on the wall, it will open to reveal a secret passage. Take it to the end and it will take you back to that secret ammo stash above the 1X recharger room. Now you can head on and jump down. From here out, there will be no more pattern buffers, so be careful. You will now encounter one ambush after another, so advance slowly and always watch your back. Soon you'll reach a 2X recharger - your lifeline from here out, but be careful approaching it. Next you'll come to an elevator with a switch on the back wall. There are ambushes on the way down, so the smart thing to do is to trigger the switch with a grenade and wait until the elevator reaches the bottom, then use another grenade to get it to come back up. You'll now be able to take out the pirates from relative safety, and then take the elevator down yourself.

The final run takes you through some more ambushes. Proceed until you can't go any further, then retreat until you find a new open alcove with some cyborgs to greet you. Interestingly, the layout is such that you can take them out fairly easily without putting yourself at any risk - probably not what was intended. Proceed into the alcove to read the final screen, which congratulates you for your valor. But all is not well with the universe - you're going to get a well-deserved, but short rest, as EMR awaits you. The scenario ends with your being transported to a small room with a closed window. Hit the switch under the window to open it and watch the MMMG logo come into focus. Click on the window to read a short credits terminal and be taken to Hack-O-Rama, which is nothing but a hack to provide an ending screen of sorts - which is nothing more than a scrolling credits list.

And with that we're off to EMR - soon . . .
My own inclination on this is to wait for ERM 3.0b8 to come out, but very few of you chimed in on this. If there's an outcry or if someone else wants to take the lead on this, we can proceed with 2.1 or with 3.0b7, but I'd prefer to wait. In the meantime, I have a beta test to get started on.

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DiaBD Volunteers - AMBUSH!/Hack-O-RamaSteve Levinson 7/5/05 5:10 a.m.
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