DiaBD Volunteers: Jaunt
Posted By: MartiNZDate: 6/25/05 3:17 a.m.

So we arrive at a somehow more interesting level than the last few. There's an obviously covered switch just ahead and an obviously covered door behind, with a matching situation just across an open space, except with a 3x recharger instead of a switch - this is most welcome after the rather miserly health offering of 'Engineering'. Heading towards the recharger brings a guided-ball cyborg and a trooper into the open space. Trying to hide beyond the door reveals a couple of fighters and a dead end. The door behind the start also leads to dead ends, one with some drones, the other with a platform higher up - now there are two ways to go about this level from here, and there would be more if not for one room crashing AlephOne.

Rocketing yourself up on to the platform here gets you to the pattern buffer quicker and then has you in the middle of action on both sides.

The other way is to go up the stairs also accessible from the main open space. At the top the walls open down to reveal a room with a terminal and a Galaxan - requiring just a slightly higher jump than we can do on foot, but which is easy enough with a grenade - you don't even have to take any damage. Heading back downstairs we find a new room accessible but this is the one with the crash-on-entry. So a grenade into the terminal room it is. But the terminal doesn't work, yet.

From here there is an open passage and a closed door. Beyond the door is a single Bob vs. a single fighter, but apparent remains of more. And then there is what appears to be another dead end, almost connected to the ones we found earlier in the level. Going into the open passage from the terminal room opens up some things here, however, connecting all of the narrow passageways and allowing access to the 3x recharger again. Finally from the terminal room there is a hidden door on the same wall as the visible door, in about an opposite spot. This leads up some narrow stairs, to a SPNKR and a door out to a bit later on - if we had taken the open passageway. But all we miss this way is a couple of drones and a bit of a view. This 'perimeter' area is quite odd overall really - pretty much deserted and quite a long way around. Bearing in mind the crashy room, it really makes me wonder in what order the level was originally intended to be played.

Anyway, further around the perimeter we see in to pirates appearing beyond the crashy room, but thankfully we're behind solid 'glass' or so. And so we carry on around, and see a circuit to break, but again separated from us by glass. Around more we see a pattern buffer and a few fighters - no glass this time but we can't reach the PB from here. Finally we reach the end, and a door, behind which there are some Galaxans, cyborgs and fighters on a long and winding ledge above a pink lava pool. Halfway around this there is another door leading to a drop down into more lava and a passage to the left with a locked door at the end - unfortunately that's all I have to say about that. You shouldn't go through that door without a lot of health on you anyway, as the way back requires quite a long laval swim to a teleporter on the lavabed which is only obvious from map view.

The ledge ends with another door, behind which there is a bunch of assimilated Bobs and then a staircase, which leads to some fighting. The room with the pattern buffer is to the left and the platform to which we could have rocketed right near the start, is to the right. Of course after clearing the area we can fall down to get the 3x recharge again before carrying on, but it takes a while to come right around again ... much quicker to rocket back up. Once back up we get to see what's left of the battle we observed from the perimeter, and then we get to the circuit to break.

The raised areas around here are reachable via teleporter up in the middle-of-the-staircase level ... and that's about it. When we now head back around to the terminal, it opens, to a message from a new AI, whom we were told about at the end of the previous level. Here we get a big forecast on what's coming in the next level, which is interesting, and we get yet another name for the compilers, Ygn'oml. And then it's off to Sensori OverLord ... in a couple of days.

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DiaBD Volunteers: JauntMartiNZ 6/25/05 3:17 a.m.
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