DiaBD Volunteers: Engineering
Posted By: MartiNZDate: 6/22/05 1:43 p.m.

In the interest of speeding this up a bit - as these levels are getting harder to remember as I progress further with the scenario, even though I've got plenty of saved games, and because the levels coming up are rather more interesting.

We start with a terminal telling us that the pirate have been damaging the systems here and we need to do some repairs - read find chips and insert them appropriately. We get 2x health up front but that has to last rather a while!

We are forced down a lift and there's only one way to go from the bottom - into the fray with projectile fighters on raised platforms causing annoyances. The first room here has both an uplink chip and an insertion point, and then we carry on to another terminal saying well done, but... and so we keep going. The next part is frustrating as there appears to be a 2x recharger, but it doesn't work, and neither do most of the apparent switches, terminals and pattern buffers. One switch does work, and it opens a door revealing a chip, and a terminal saying, "I control the ship now" - great, I knew something was up.

Through the next door we do at least get a working pattern buffer, but still no luck with the rechargers, and it's at about this point that one would be really nice. Strategy is useful with the next room, which has a lift leading to a staircase with more pirates - many of them can be lured up to be taken out somewhat safer. Once the path is clear we get to a rectangular room with what looks like (on the map) a platform across the middle - at the left, tabbing the wall reveals a little ammo stash, but still no health.

The last act of the level really requires us to snipe at Galaxans from an overpass, and take out a bunch of fighters that are standing in a pool with the water level fluctuating. Then it seems like it's safe to drop into the room there, and we do get a 1x recharger for it, but then there's one last ambush as we hit the switch to get access to the final terminal. It's easier to hit it from above first but still not that easy with little health.

The terminal tells us of communications with an AI on the Galaxan ship and that the reactor on it is basically critical and poses rather a deadly threat so we need to go and do something about it.

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DiaBD Volunteers: EngineeringMartiNZ 6/22/05 1:43 p.m.
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           Re: DiaBD Volunteers: EngineeringMartiNZ 6/22/05 3:54 p.m.

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