Re: *pats self on back*
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 5/30/05 9:00 a.m.

In Response To: Re: *pats self on back* (Reiginko)

: Why not just use the default keyboard set, that is the numpad to move
: forward/back and turning, and z/x for sidestepping, and e/d/c for looking
: up/ahead/down? That's what I use. Sure, I get kicked by the mousers in
: netgames, but that probably has nothing to do with me using a keyboard. :)

Didn't he say he's on a PowerBook? No numpad for movement. His other complaint is that you can only activate 3 keys simultaneously on newer PowerBooks. If you're trying to sidestep and turn and fire both the primary and seconday triggers at the same time, you're out of luck. It took me some time to adapt to this when I switched from my 500 MHz Ti PB to my current 1.5 GHz 17"er. Now I don't even notice the problem - I guess I've learned to circumvent it.

BTW, if you think mouse control is bad in Marathon/AO, you should try using a trackpad! For what it's worth, I would put my skills up against a mouser any day. I don't use the default keyboard layout because it's so counterintuitive. My keyboard setup is a lot like the default in Halo, except I use the arrow keys in place of the mouse. It's intuitive, it's precise and I can handle just about anything.

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