Re: *pats self on back*
Posted By: ReiginkoDate: 5/29/05 6:34 p.m.

In Response To: *pats self on back* (MrHen)

: Ha! I finally discovered I can fist Troopers! Huzzah!

: I am quite proud of myself, so all of you old-timers hush. Though I am
: curious, what do you guys use for your control setups? I'm stuck on a
: PowerBook, so I use arrow keys + WASD and shortly discovered that if you
: hold down the left and right arrow keys on a PowerBook the space won't do
: anything. Much frustration abounded...

: But in any case, any other helpful hints as I tackle the world of Marathon?

Why not just use the default keyboard set, that is the numpad to move forward/back and turning, and z/x for sidestepping, and e/d/c for looking up/ahead/down? That's what I use. Sure, I get kicked by the mousers in netgames, but that probably has nothing to do with me using a keyboard. :)

- Reiginko

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                             it's ok, I won't get jealous if you coach goran *NM*nobody 5/31/05 7:25 a.m.

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