Re: Great stuff!
Posted By: Craig HardgroveDate: 5/11/05 9:36 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Great stuff! (Forrest of B.org)

: I have to agree, the drum track really detracts from this piece. I had
: imagined sometime essentially identical to your earlier Swirls remix,
: which perhaps my favorite of your remixes so far, but with the piano (with
: delay) replacing the deeper synth in the original remix (oxymoron, I
: know), and acoustic guitars replacing the various higher-pitched synths
: elsewhere in the piece.

: I understand the issue with carrying the piece along, and listening again now
: I notice another synth running continuously (though changing) behind the
: main instruments in the original remix. Perhaps replacing that with a more
: natural violin in the acoustic remix would help carry the piece along
: better than the drum track. Also, I notice that this acoustic version is
: actually slower in tempo than the earlier remix, which seems kind of odd.
: To my ear it sounds like the old tempo would carry just fine with the
: grand piano alone, though for variety's sake the guitars and perhaps the
: violins would be nice as well.

: I'd be interested to hear a remixed acoustic remix of your original remix :-)

Definitely! The acoustic tracks certainly are, by all means, works-in-progress. Now that I've heard the coments about the drum and have gone back and listened for myself, I'd have to agree that it is a little much. I'll mess around with violins and see what I can do about a simpler drum beat that doesn't run through the whole song. I'm glad that you guys understood my need to have something carry the song. I appreciate the comments, and I'll let you know when I've got something better to show.



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