MPiD Demo
Posted By: Nick hoadDate: 4/15/05 2:23 a.m.

I recently looked on the forums and found a bunch of messages regarding my MPiD Demo. Bleh! Incompatibility everywhere! Yes a lot of people at first didn't seem to be able to get it working but from what I could tell the demo works for everyone (after a lot of trouble). If I'm wrong you can correct me but to the point now...

What did everyone think? (those who got it to work anyway) What would you like changed or added to the full version of MPiD. One person has already told me that it needs to be a lot darker (something I plan to do). But what is everyone's opinion? I know everyone on the forum has one.

Oh and and I apologize about the "need some sort of images" statement on the scenario news update. I didn't realize Claude had put a images file into the download and I hadn't thought of it.

Did anyone get it to work on Windows?


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