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: I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before (if it has, I appologize), but
: I've read a little way into Frank Herbert's "Desstination:
: Void," and the parrallels are striking. The thing is a massive colony
: ship on it's way to Tau Ceti, with most of the crew in stasis, controlled
: by 3 AIs (sort-of...) whose design has a habit of going crazy.

: The reason I mention this is, it offers a theory (supports an existing
: theory) on Durandal's shame, and why he'd be on the Marathon in the first
: place, and what the Battleroids are there for. If I understand correctly,
: the purpose of Herbert's colony ship isn't the colony, it's to develop and
: test the AIs off-Earth (where they've already caused to much trouble).
: There's also a team not in stasis, three people, one of whome has the job
: of killing an AI if (when) one of them goes crazy.

: Perhaps this is Durandal's shame, that he was and was intended to be
: Bernhard's lab rat? That much is common theory; it is a theory the book
: suggests for the motivation behind the inclusion of the battelroids that I
: hope to offer. Perhaps Bernhard's purpose for the Battleroids was damage
: controll, if Durandal went rampant. What with the defense drones and his
: controll of the doors and what-not, Durandal could have caused a lot of
: trouble. It might have been feared that Battleroids would have been
: required to contain him in a worst-case scenario.

Interesting. If this is the case, it wouldn't be the actual purpose of the Marathon for testing the AI on Tau Ceti. It might have been Strauss' intention to test them, and it seems extremely likely. The common view (from what I can tell) is that Durandal's shame is his forcing to be Strauss' lab rat.

But did Strauss stick the Battleroids on Marathon to keep control of the AI? It makes sense. I still get the feeling he had something else up his sleeve. I think Strauss liked to keep Durandal under control and doesn't appear to have tinkered with the other two. While he could have been heading to Tau Ceti for AI testing, it is possible he was planning on taking over the colony with the Battleroids. Who knows? Obviously not us...

: This seems to me to be the simplest theory that fits the evidence we have.

What it doesn't account for are the references in the Tycho terminal I mentioned. I personally don't think anything mentioned in the Marathon terminals is without some significance. It seems that Strauss and Durandal are somehow connected to the Battleroids and thus "You". Strauss was planning to use you, and probably already had. Strauss wanted something that could only come from military power. What was it?

: Again, if this has already been batted-about, I am unaware, and I am
: appologize.

I haven't seen it directly expressed here yet. Though I'm extremely new to the forum.

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