Re: Low-flying defense drones
Posted By: bjangaDate: 3/25/05 8:45 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Low-flying defense drones (Ryu'Toth)

: The main reason why you are on this level is to rearm for the final battle on
: the Pfhor ship.

: The full Volunteers discussion is linked off the Story page

Perhaps Durandal needs our help to suppress the Drones before the situation gets unruly and endangers the Marathon, and is just using the rearming as an excuse - after all, the cyborg controller does not require much ordinance to destroy.

Was Pfhoraphobia meant to be a smash-and-run mission, and Ain't got time Pfhor this . . . was named because we were spazeROIDS (not battleROIDS) and could not be troubled to dispatch more Pfhor with our limited ammo?
What were the Volunteers discussions?

Whats a.g.m?
And in 1995, my primitive mind could never have grasped . . .

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