Eternal Mappers
Posted By: goranDate: 2/20/05 1:02 p.m.

Eternal X is going very well. The mapping team has so far replaced about 20% of the original levels with fresh new ones. There's still 40 levels left, which will take about 6-12 months to cover, that is, if the current 3 mappers works healthy, and produce 1-2 maps per month.

This is the reality right now.

It's working, but still, the project would do good with a few more mappers on the team. There's 5 texture sets, and the idea is to have one mapmaker responsible for each set. We're two short as it is now.

If you want to help to improve the quality in the eternal maps mail me at goransvensson@yahoo.com (Forrest has split the leadership, I'm in charge over the mappers)

You'll be given access to create at least 7 levels, but it can probably be fewer or more, it depends on how you want it.

The skill level needs to be above "just learned forge". Somewhere between average and pro is where we want you to be. If you want to join but don't know if you're good enough or not, don't worry - I will personally train your skills.

What you must have though, is the desire to see Eternal X completed, and be one of the best scenarios out there. Without that, we'll kick you out before you even rang on our door bell.

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