I am going to complete the Dark Star scenario.
Posted By: RyokoTKDate: 2/13/05 6:26 p.m.

Starting tomorrow when I finally return to my glorious Macintosh, I will finally get off my lazy ass and finish the project. It will be in the neighborhood of 12 levels long (the demo had 6 real ones).

Why am I posting this? I wanted to get some feedback on the demo that's kind of important. Since I'm going to revise the demo to help reverse some of the complaints that I received, I want to get some additional suggestions on what I should fix. For the record, this is what's going to change:

- There will be terminal picts! Not good ones, since my poor comp can't hope to handle anything beyond Appleworks, but there will be fresh picts anyway. [Hey! If you can make kickass picts, apply within for fame and fortune*. Otherwise you get not-so-kickass picts.]
- There will be a major plot revision. I originally planned for Dark Star to be 24 levels long and have a few chapters in the middle that took care of some sub-plots mentioned in the terms in the demo. Since there's only 12 levels now, there's no room for that, and so the extra fluff will be snipped.
- More ammo in almost every level. I noticed that playing through, I had so little ammo if I ignored all the secrets, and I can't imagine how much hell TC must be with basically no ammo.

Level-by-level revisions:
- Ditched. It'll be replaced with a much more impressive introduction level.

- Remove a Fighter from a spot it can't fit in (whoops)

- Additional pattern buffer placed near the 1x recharger across the dam.
- Slightly slower lava flood in the final escape.
- Replace the Flick'ta in the escape route with Fighters (I had a Shotgun and an SMG that I used when testing this level due to a couple secrets, and inadvertently used them. Yeah, that wasn't smart.)

- Possibly rename the level
- Remove some of the monsters
- Ammo will have a limited regeneration, and there will be more Shotgun ammo
- Fix some of the annotations
- Change the sky texture to space. There is no way that a massive Pfhor dreadnaught could possibly enter any planet's atmosphere if it planned on leaving again, so I'll fix that plothole.

- Remove a Defender from a spot it can't fit in
- Replace a large quantity of AR ammo with fusion ammo
- Remove many Flick'ta from the underwater corridors near the AI node

A RAT IS A RAT: Ooooooh boy...
- Make the running part MUCH easier. I might remove the timers from that altogether, because it makes the level much too hurried to enjoy it, in my opinion (I got frustrated, and I made the stupid map).
- Make the secret keycard a bit easier to get (No secret finder would ever catch this secret without Forge... I think).

- Fix the terminals, obviously.
- Change the color of the VacBobs.

Post any additional revisions (either level-specific or overall) that you have, please, cause I really don't want this to suck.

* Fortune not guaranteed.

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