Eternal Volunteers: Eat S'pht and Die
Posted By: blake37Date: 1/31/05 2:18 p.m.

Freash from our sucesse in killing Hathor, we teleport in to a very nauseating effect where we start out in blackness and then fall into a room that has a ceiling. After that we find that something fells wronge and different, something in the lighting, and then we turn and woah!!!! Pfhor!! WTF??? Slowly it dawns upon us as the door slides open, something really boring must have happened in the past one thousand years. Judging by the veiw, we must be in the citadel, and combat is all around us. Seeing an open window, we decid to fly out of it, just to see what happens (we do this twice) the first time we land on one of the ramparts that hold a rocket launcher in M2, and some untexured walls that shouldent need to be textured, but since we're here, we shall point them out. Jumping down from the ramparts, we discover that this level can be beaten to go onto the succes branch in about 20 seconds. The second time around, we find puselves in a large open courtyard with Hunters falling form the sky, but at least we're in part of the level that we're supposed to see. Doing t his however, makes you miss the terminal that tells you some of whats happening, which I shall get to in a bit.

Now, assuming that we arn't the kind of person that randomly flies out of windows, we will desend the tower by way of some teleporting squares that lead to differnt rooms, all of which have various mosters to kill. One of these rooms has a terminal from K'hal'in of the S'pht Yor, whos name I shall never spell again if I can help it. He tells us that we are fullfiling something that S'buth said, and that we're a bit late, but he wants us to be his salvation, but we sense a conflict of interest, we need to fullfill history, and history says that the S'pht fall. But we must continue to the vaults below to speak to someone of greater importance (BTW, I like the groveling atitude this guy has, makes me fell important).

When we get to the vaults, we have a medium sized battle on our hands, and after we kill 'em all, we fly up and hit the switch on the raised plat form, which opens to doors and raises or lowers the big piller in lava. We the see a terminal, and go to take a looksie. The big(er) man on campus tells us that we have to activate the defenses that we had to get aound, way back in the future. (It should be noted as a point of realism that said defences were already activated when we flew to the Citadel entrance). Lets get moving, men!

So, we first go into one of two side doors that were not opened by the swtich that I'm think we were not supposed to hit, and flip three switchs, starting the middle. I assume this is to lock the doors. When we get back to the lava room, we find that the two switchs on ether side of the raises platform have been lite up, so we hit them and find how we were supposed to get onto the platform.

Note: these swichtes have a small bug that was noted before, whare wires can be seen on ether side of the switch, and are repaired when the switch is hit.

On to the lava pumps! going into the other doors will put you in a small hallway that leads to the lava pump switchs, and a hunter that falls out of the ceiling in a rather weird way. Repeat, and read about our amazing combat skillz. So, as Durandal had said, they found the key to call the 'Kr, bu this time, we must create a diversion so they can use it. Slay the beasts, and recover the hallowed ground.

I like this level alot.

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Eternal Volunteers: Eat S'pht and Dieblake37 1/31/05 2:18 p.m.
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