Eternal Volunteers: Back to the Future
Posted By: blake37Date: 1/30/05 8:50 a.m.

We find ourselves falling into a level that reminds us of Six Thusand Feet Under, with trhe lava, the ticks, and the narrow, oddly shaped paths. I think this level was suposed to be fairly linear, but you can move around and skip alot of the level using the second triger of the S'pht Orb. The goal seems to be to activate some kind of big roundish building with a lot of switchs and platfroms that lets us get to the uplink chips, then to intstall the two uplink chips that are plaved far apart into a small room close to the beginning.

If you don't fly around a bunch, you just fallow the path and will find the only terminal in the level, this one from Hathor, who tells us that she too has horrible dreams. She is now totaly at our mercy, and she begs of us to let her live, and tells us that she does not wnat ue hurt, she only hurts us because we force her to when we make her nightmares come true. She would escape, but K'lia is no use to her at this point in time, only S'buth can use it.

After we install the second chip, we are teleported out.

This level has a some nice design to it, but the combat is not very exciting, the 'Hra largely ignored me for some reason. I think this level vould use some fire Flickta to make it more intersting. Also, it is possable to skip Hathors terminal if you do some flying, so I think you should do something about the ledge heights so you can't do that.

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Eternal Volunteers: Back to the Futureblake37 1/30/05 8:50 a.m.
     Re: Eternal Volunteers: Back to the FutureForrest of B.org 1/30/05 4:50 p.m.
     Re: Eternal Volunteers: Back to the FutureSteve Levinson 1/31/05 4:47 a.m.

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