Forward Looking Back
Posted By: blake37Date: 1/27/05 2:01 p.m.

We find ourselves agaian in the land whare we can see oceans above our heads, which reminds us a little bit of halo. Of course, Eternal is older than Halo, so prehapes Halo reminds us of this hallow world. Just fallow the path, collecting weapons on the way. Pause at where the sidewalk ended the last time we visted, the wall texture is different then the walls around it.

Continue with the path, jumping over the alien landscape, collecting munitions, intill we arrive at the hole in the world. as we turn to see it fall away, we see a huge amount of smearing underneith it. We are wisked away to some other part of this blank space outside the world, and find a home, and some literiture.

In beatiful metaphor we learn of rampancy and Durandals plans to escape the inescapable and of the Jjaro, those of the outside, how we were at first just the means to an end.

And we look to the past.

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Forward Looking Backblake37 1/27/05 2:01 p.m.
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