well im still working on the map
Posted By: RoguexcxDate: 1/21/05 1:33 p.m.

well im still working on the map im making its taken longer then I thought it should be done some time next year. Heres the story so far.

Thanks to a source we got; looks like some fools made a quick get away and now are manufacturing alien robots. This is a class S offense and I want you to take them out.

Katana is the man behind this I know for sure, he told me he was planing something. We canít tolerate this behavior anymore kill him and anyone else who gets in your way.

The military told me this is their factory shut it down, of course you will be alone we know you can pull though for us like so many times before.

This is disturbing, why you may ask because the we do not believe these men were the real culprits behind manufacturing these alien machines. Iíve done a background check on these men and none of them have the knowledge or money to owning this plant. There is someone else pulling the strings here. Im sure Katana told you something, no don't tell me I know you wont talk..... The main concern is to find the main culprits. G-force told me to send you on your next mission, please understand and don't get mad.
Youíve always done a good job at what you do, we will be watching you closely.

Katana here I want you to go into this factory and once there find were they are making the alien robots, once there you should find out who his making them.

WHAT!!! The government is making the these alien machines? I cant believe they would stoop so low. Well we have the pictures you took and they will go out to the public

And then the shit will hit the fan. The government will blame some else for the problems like always and then that's all we can do from there until then it was good we could talk about old times.

As you might be asking why isn't this over yet well thereís a few things that we need to go over. The government is blaming us, their telling people we were the ones controlling the alien robots. Iíll you know is I too im working for someone and he wants this to come to a end, at what cost? How the hell should I know somethings can never be undone. Like innocent people dying. Something like the Phore should have been taken care of years ago. Durendel talked to me once and said that Tyco imprinted himself into someone's mind. He told me that you canít find Tyco now.

A marine named 10098 thought he could answer the question that drove everyone insane. What or who was in charge of the aliens; the Phore. Of course we will never know everything, what's the point if all we need to know is what is happening right now in the present. You might want to ask your self this, what if the Phore didnít start the war?

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well im still working on the mapRoguexcx 1/21/05 1:33 p.m.
     Re: well im still working on the mapJacke 1/21/05 1:50 p.m.
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                 Re: well im still working on the mapRoguexcx 1/26/05 9:58 a.m.

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