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Posted By: Dollar Store KyleDate: 12/29/04 11:19 a.m.

So far I have progressed through the game to a level called Habe Quiddam. I am *EXTREMELY* impressed with the sorts of things incorporated into the terminal messages, and so far the storyline, which deepens and becomes more intriguing, mysterious, shocking etc as I continue to progress.

This was on the M1A1 update to Marathon that a forum dweller here told me about. What I find very peculiar is the beginning of the first level. You start out in these strange catacombs rather than at the beginning of the ship, and you have to find your way down to the proper stone door that leads to the beginning of the Marathon. There is a strange, red spectre-looking figure standing stationary somewhere in the catacombs. Once you go through the stone door, it closes down as a Marathon airlock door, and you can never go back through it again. What is also very strange is that the stone walls, pillars, doors, walls and ceilings look EXACTLY like a video game I used to have a long time ago but eventually lost. I couldn't remember the title, but I remember that you were a soldier that I believe was trying to get a nuclear weapon. You started out with only a knife, and you explored these catacombs collecting things and eliminating every bizarre abomination that got in your way. It was almost like a simple FPS merged with a graphic adventure game with a couple of RPG details put in. The action was rather dull and mindless, but the game was still very interesting.

As I continue to progress into the game, the action, suspense, plot etc grows deeper and stronger and more exciting. Something I am interested in about the game are some of its very strange terminal messages, some depicting stories with various text garblings, such as a terminal in Never Burn Money at one of the lifts. I am becoming desperate to find out how the events are going to turn out. The Durandal terminal messages are also very fascinating and add a lot of seasoning to the plot and background of the game. I got a great shock when I was attacked by what appear to be false civilians, whom always say "thank god it's you!" instead of "they're everywhere!", and detonate when they come within my contact. I had a heart attack the first time I got stung by one. Nasty little buggers. ;) I'm glad to know that with the growth of the plot, background, puzzles, etc that the action still maintains ground. The design of the levels gets better and becomes less linear and to the point, however it is still somewhat cramped. But the twist and challenge in the game keeps me interested, and already I find myself becoming a Marathon freak. If this game and its sequel continues its pace in becoming more challenging, and more importantly, more interesting and shocking by means of plot, background and feel, then I may be morphed into a forum regular here.

Please revisit the Dollar Store again,

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Marathon Blog 1Dollar Store Kyle 12/29/04 11:19 a.m.
     Re: Marathon Blog 1Ender 12/29/04 11:36 a.m.

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