Just now playing Halo...
Posted By: RyanDate: 12/28/04 5:05 p.m.

...and it's very different than I had imagined.

The graphics are great and so is the action. Driving vehicals is a hoot. Runs great on my TiBook. I don't know how far along I am - I'm currently in a section where I'm trying to get through a series of transitions to various chasms.

Anyway, this game being from Bungie I guess I expected it to be more like Marathon. Especially in terms of story, puzzles, etc. As far as I can see there really is nothing to figure out is there? I mean, you walk around and Cortana says "go over there and flip that", etc. Not like 'thon at all. So far it seems very, VERY linear.

Does it get better?


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