RIP Bungie Webmaster
Posted By: poena.dare (not.dead.yet)Date: 12/6/04 7:06 p.m.

Well, I just read the newly posted Letters to the Webmaster and it is the most piss-poor collection of half-assed insults I've ever seen in that section. And - get this - the Webmaster is _actually_answering_questions_ like where to find Red vs. Blue plus a bunch of website questions.

The current writing style is definitely different from the ...um... haphazard style of previous entries. Agh! The insults are just lame and there's no grand hyperbole... no delusional asides... no gratuitous references to sex, drugs, liquor, or dead bodies.

I've suspected this for a few years now, but seeing the new letters confirms my suspicions: Soell must have been the Webmaster - or at least a major contributor.


The Penultimate Bungie Giga-Quiz

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