Re: Marathon in Halo2 (Spoiler)
Posted By: MalakiteDate: 11/20/04 4:26 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon in Halo2 (Spoiler) (Druff)

: I think there's a Marathon symbol on the mega-sentinels or whatever their
: official name is... the large ones with the energy shields in front that
: attack with needles and rockets. It's subtle, but when looking at one
: straight on in the 'face', I think it's there.

Anyone else notice some characteristics shared by those 'mega-sentinals' and our beloved Juggernauts? Especially in the weapons (rockets and faster bolts) and the players response (hide, shoot a bunch, hide, repeat)? all I could think of was how much fighting them was like fighting all those Juggernauts on All Roads...

Normally, I would be annoyed at a company mining its own history for ideas, but the more Marathon-like Halo becomes, the more I like the series.

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