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Robert Blake here.

I don't know what happened, but Rozinante didn't fold into orbit when we did. That means Durandal must have problems of his own.

Right now we're looking at the business end of Pfhor Battle Group Two, Central Arm. As you've surely noticed, the Hfarl is a lousy weapons platform and we're outnumbered twelve to one. The ship has taken heavy damage and many of the crew are dead or wounded. Intercepted transmissions indicate that the rest of Battle Group Two have engaged our main fleet back in the Lh'owon system, and all reinforcements have been cut off. I can hear Admiral B'uutaz gloating already.

It's time to turn things around.

The Pfhor don't seem to know that you are aboard; they expected you to be on the Rozinante. We're going to use that to our advantage by teleporting you to a Pfhor cruiser that has suffered partial shield failure. The engineering team has cooked up a little surprise for you to stick in the cruiser's mainframe core. Good luck.

Blake, out.

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