Revelment ! ! ! ! !
Posted By: Killexander: the savior or braker of bungieDate: 10/21/04 10:03 p.m.

With and though all the hard ships I will face, I will work with the bungie team! im 20 years old and though high school. iv'e lived and breath'd my entire live and i study now in collage, the uni. of cali will give me the skills to work with the team

The Secret of Bungie

Although the only ever official explanation reaches new heights of unbelievable lameness, the secret of the actual Bungie name has become so closely guarded, that even a few Grizzled Ancients either don't know or aren't sure if it's true. There truly is a very strange reason for the company being called “Bungie,” and we daren't reveal it here. There are…penalties leveled at those who reveal the deepest secrets. Penalties that involve bananas and screaming.

well... I know most of what "you"** all hide!

**you- as in bungie employes

when does bungie plan to tell the story..... before i do? you all better hope so

marathon, marathon 2, ect., then halo

thats when bungie got my attention... marathon, marathon 2, i've played and beat both!

halo! beat it.

and good old # 7

the number 7 secret is now clear to me... thx to a 7th colum member

yes! the 7th colum has a leak that has told me it all, and im not sure who it is!?!?!?

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Revelment ! ! ! ! !Killexander: the savior or braker of bungie 10/21/04 10:03 p.m.
     BLAM! ... er... wha? *NM*Mista_B 10/21/04 10:37 p.m.
     Re: Revelment ! ! ! ! !ukimalefu 10/22/04 2:40 a.m.

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