Loren our hero!
Posted By: D-M.A.Date: 10/14/04 2:21 a.m.

From the A1 development list:

I've committed to CVS some a success and some partially-done stuff.

The success is that textures can now be partially-transparent or
semitransparent when in landscape mode, though this effect only works
with substitute textures. That is to retain compatibility with existing
shapes-file textures, which have all their color-table entries used as
visible colors, with none being the transparent color.

The partially-done stuff is:

* Static effect using stencil buffering and loaded "static" textures
* 3D-model weapons in hand

In both of them, the code is present, though it does not work properly.

The former is contained in OGL_Render.cpp; the latter is more
widespread, as it were.

I've found an InputSprocket implementation for MacOS X, "HID Wizard":


I'll also be checking on Dim3 Animator support, to see how much has to
be updated.


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