Opinions on Acme Station?
Posted By: BlayneDate: 10/13/04 3:28 p.m.

Hello All,

Iím looking for opinions. Specifically, those about the level Acme Station in Marathon:Infinity.

Itís mentioned its a relay station, itís obviously Jjaro in origin, and itís purpose in deep Lh'owon orbit if never fully explained.

Iíd like the communities input. Iíve designed same alterations in keeping with itís architectural / texture style for a Acme station redux in WMaiD.
What does the community think before I force my interpretation on the masses? What are the forked prongs near each airlock? What about the pontoons sticking out for other airlocks?

What sort of devices onboard (before I go cribbing from the Halo constructs machinery...) would relay energy, or signals? If anyone has contemporary (i.e: google-searchable) references to SF relay stations Iíd appreciate the info.

Questions. We all love them. :)


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