Re: PF Volunteers - Newton's Apple
Posted By: Dr. John SumnerDate: 8/29/04 4:33 p.m.

In Response To: PF Volunteers - Newton's Apple (Steve Levinson)

: This is a level I love to hate. If I had to pick a level that's my least
: favorite, this would probably be it - not because it isn't fun to play -
: on the contrary, it is - but because it feels a lot like self-mutilation.
: There may be momentary feelings of pleasure, but the overall effect is
: severe pain. The problem is fixable - very fixable, so Matt and Andrew,
: please pay attention - the infinitely regenerating wasps are way over the
: top.

Steve, I hear ya. Believe me I do. The first time I played this level, I absolutely hated it. I was so frustrated with those wasps, I distinctly remember slamming my fists on the desk here where I play, getting up from the game, and leaving with a few choice words for the level.

But since then I have come to appreciate the difficulty of the level. I am certainly not going to recommend to Matt that he NOT reduce the regeneration rate of the wasps; if he does, that's great. But it doesn't seem quite as hard a level as I once thought. You know what I really think makes this level so frustrating to you and I, and I assume everyone else? It's not the wasps.....it's not that elevator.....it's not the "pain in the ass 2x recharger that can only be reached by going up that damn elevator each time you want to recharge"......no, what makes "Newton's Apple" a frustrating level is that it contains all three of these features at once. I really think that's it. Now, what to do about it? I don't know. I was able to vid the level given the way it is. So, I won't be alarmed if Matt fixes one, all, or none of those three things. Frankly, I think your idea of having the elevator return to it's initial level would be a big help. I'd even like to see that elevator become player controllable and get rid of the switch altogether. Perhaps leaving the wasps the way they are and changing the elevator to player controllable would be the answer.

: Up above are troopers on a ledge firing
: on troopers, fighters and multiple hulks below in a canyon, who are
: fighting each other.

I like to hang out in the initial room until all that carnage is over. Then I jump over, activate the rest of the enemies, and let them go at it. I do not leave the initial room until I am sure most of those enemies are dead.

: But be careful, there is a major wasp
: ambush with some of the wasps coming from behind. They won't follow you
: all the way out. So you'll probably have to shoot or blast them all. John?

Ok, the way I handle this is in two stages. When you enter the air shaft, you eventually come to a four way intersection. The ambush is triggered by the poly right in the middle of that intersection. Once I activate that wave of wasps, I lead them back to the circular hallway in the main part of the level. My experience on TC is that they always return with me. You have to make sure though that you maintain their attention while you lead them back. Certainly as the wasps are apt to do, some of them will get caught in a stalemate where pairs of them just hover and stare at each other. A quick fist punch will free them up. You also have to be careful because occasionally the regenerating wasps will find their way up to those shafts and trap you from behind. After defeating all of those (none of those regenerate), I return to activate the second wave of wasps contained in the area of the switch that must be hit, repeating the process of leading them back to the main hallway.

: and tab on everything that looks like a switch until you find one that
: activates.

Just remember there are three short parallel hallways that each end in what looks like a switch. The one farthest away (naturally) from the way you come in is the one with the switch.

In the end, I really like this level. If nothing is done to it, I won't cry or whine like I once would have. Even so, I am also very understanding of Steve's concerns. So if Matt and Andrew want to address any or all of those concerns, then they won't get an argument from me.

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