Re: Shapes Stuff
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 8/27/04 8:17 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Shapes Stuff (Steve Levinson)

: I'm pretty sure that you still need those bitmaps in there - the mml script
: in AO simply substitutes a texture for an existing one in the shapes file.
: I might also point out - now I'm taking the reverse argument of the one
: I've been taking lately - that you need OpenGL to make the texture
: substitutions. If you have a 5yo beige G3 like the one Ian used to make
: RED, you cannot run OpenGL - and there are people in this forum using even
: older machines. Suffice it to say that when everything else is done, you
: really, really should make 128X128 textures and a shapes shuttle to make
: Eternal playable without OpenGL.

Eternal will at some point get some nice custom-CLUTted lores (shapes-only, no OGL required) textures imported. It will always have the non-CLUT versions as well. I actually got maybe two sets through making the custom CLUT versions (using some CLUTs made by Simon, thank you) before I revamped Set 5 and realized I had accidentally imported Set 4's textures into Set 3. Will get back on that someday...

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