Re: PF Planes, Trains, & Automobiles
Posted By: mattschenkDate: 8/23/04 7:44 a.m.

In Response To: PF Volunteers - Planes, Trains & Automobiles (Steve Levinson)

: 3 doors lead off the central courtyard - the two to either side are really
: more exploratory than anything - they give the player a good view of the
: outside areas and one flier that apparently is available. But look closely
: - each area has a switch, and that is your true destination.

You have two choices if you wish with these switches. 1) avoid the overlooks and teleport down there to flip the switch, or 2) avoid teleporting and shoot the switch from the overlook.

: are filled with enforcers (I thought we eliminated them)

We eliminated the enforcers controlling the battalion in the bunker, however there could be other enforcers controlling other alien divisions. And the only reason the enforcers don't drop their weapon is because I already reached the weapon ceiling (marathon 1 allows 7 weapons, originally the fists, pistol(s), fusion pistol, AR, SPNKR, TOZT, and alien; PF: hook, pistol(s), shrapnel gun, AR, SPNKR, faser, and jetpack). Perhaps in the port you could get their weapons? It would definitely look cool to fire them but they don't have pinpoint accuracy.

: and hulks. Before you try to engage them, however, open the center door
: first. This is yet another level with a serious monster freeze problem.
: is the access point to everything else. The strange thing about it is that
: it's a room in the literal sense. Although large and containing a forest,
: not to mention a river and a waterfall, it has a ceiling. Given the lack
: of obvious appropriate lighting, I'm not sure how these trees are supposed
: to survive. Is the roof supposed to be retractable? Matt, is this really
: what you intended. If I might make a suggestion, replace the ceiling
: textures with a sky.

This is one of Andy's levels, and I think he's been working on refining it. If he doesn't get a chance to read this (he's already back in school) I'll let him know. I'll be home for a day or two before continuing on the school, and I plan to coordinate our efforts during that time.

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