PF Volunteers - The Sacking of Troy (Part 2)
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 8/18/04 7:34 p.m.

Now that you have successfully breached the outer defenses of the facility, I need you to explore the main floor. If I can find any valuable information, our task here will be done; if not, we must delve deeper into the base.

The building itself goes deep under the surface of the moon as this particular bunker houses the fuel for two large reactors that were to power a gargantuan laser for planetary defense. Obviously the project was never completed. Try not to swim in any of the molten fuel, it will do you no good.


As difficult as the initial part of Sacking was, we're far from done here, and the intensity of the fighting will does not let up any, with multiple ambushes ahead of us. Off of the PB room is an elevator that leads down to the main floor, but the main floor is heavily guarded by troopers, hunters, compilers and wasps. As soon as we drop down, they will come after us and follow us back up the elevator, wherein lies our strategy for survival. Since only a few monsters can fit on the elevator, we can take them out in small groups rather than at once. One really cool trick is to lay down a mine or two at the top of the elevator. The mines will remain there, suspended in space, and detonate as the monsters ascend the elevator. It's a pretty cool effect. The compilers are limited to the lava areas, however, and cannot be taken out until the player is down there. A small group of fighters is caged as well and must be taken out separately.

One of the most important tasks in order to beat this level is to shut off access to the outside. There is a wasp spawning area just outside with infinitely regenerating wasps that will plague the player to no end if not shut off. There is a switch just inside the first door on the right, but it is heavily guarded by major projectile fighters. Take them out, flip the switch and the level will be much easier. The player can continue to explore this area, making their way up and along a narrow, twisting corridor. Further, doing so now will avoid a major ambush later. Be prepared, however for major assaults along the way - from both ahead and behind. An excellent strategy is to lay down mines as you go - not too many, as you don't want to waste them, but enough to thin the ranks of your would-be assailants. By laying them down continuously as you go, you will not only take out the rear assault, but once you trigger the forward assault, you will be able to retreat and watch the monsters blow themselves up as you go. Interestingly, the player is immune to mines, except of course if they are near one when a monster triggers it. Eventually the player will come to a ledge overlooking a PB and terminal, but don't jump down just yet, no matter how tempting - it's a trap. The better strategy is probably to continue forward, taking out more monsters as we go and triggering yet another rear assault that our mines should take care of.

Returning to the first PB and for what is probably a well-needed shield recharge, the player should next probably take the second right and clear out the monsters in that area. Alternatively, they could explore the same area from the end of the run of the long corridor, but that will mean dealing with these monsters without the benefit of a recent saved game, and there is still the second rear assault to deal with. Finally, the player needs to head straight and to enter the area with the PB and terminal previously seen from above. But watch out - there are lots of invisible compilers here. Rather than saving first, itís probably best to head past the PB and to take out all the invisible compilers first. Return to the PB, read the adjacent terminal, which contains a journal entry that proposes that the colonial wars have actually been promulgated by the earth governments, and then leave by the final terminal, located in the most distant room of this area. Unfortunately Ossinder didn't find what he wanted and we're going to have to go further underground.

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PF Volunteers - The Sacking of Troy (Part 2)Steve Levinson 8/18/04 7:34 p.m.
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