Re: PF Volunteers - Pesticides With Chicken
Posted By: Dr. John SumnerDate: 8/15/04 1:06 p.m.

In Response To: PF Volunteers - Pesticides With Chicken (Steve Levinson)

: As John will point out, there is a very high likelihood of dying early in
: this level

: John, true to form, prefers the latter, but then he seems to be immune to
: grenades.

First of all, let me apologize for this belated post. For the past few days, I have been in Atlanta at my sister's wedding and also partly to escape the onslaught of Hurricane Charley. I live in Tampa and was very, very blessed in having the hurricane miss my city.

As for this level, it is possibly the most enjoyable level for me in the entire scenario. It is truly what I envision as being the perfect vacuum level. Even with 2x shields, I do think there is a very good likelihood that the average player will die at the beginning of the level, IF they are playing on TC and have not scoped out how the level is layed out. At one time, the only reliable method I could see to survive the opening "using my style of play" was to jump into the PB pit and circle the enemies until I had control of the action. Well, that turned out to work for me at best rarely. After studying the level in more detail, and trying various things, here is what I now do. It seems to work almost all the time for me. As soon as I exit the opening room, I head to the right and toward the pit with the O2 recharger. After grabbing the attention of the enemies, I jump into the O2 pit. The nice thing about this pit is that it has a stairway out as opposed to the elevator in the PB pit. I circle the enemies COUNTER-CLOCKWISE around the pit, until all the Troopers have cleared past or down the stairs and I am free to go up the stairs. I head up the stairs (I don't try to kill any of the enemies in this room), out the door at the end of the raised walkway (the enemies can't come through), and through the next door as well. Through this second door is a relatively safe area (on the walkway, not down in the pit). There are no enemies that can reach you, there is a 1x recharger located here, it gives the player a moment of rest, and most importantly it gives the O2 pit enemies time to head back to the area around the PB pit (or at least that is what they do for me). It might take a moment or two of waiting around until they leave, but they always seem to head back to that general area. After waiting long enough, the player can then head back into the O2 pit, recharge, and take on all the enemies around the PB walkway. If you are lucky (and frequently I am with this strategy), one of the Troopers will have berserked and will have taken out many of the rest of the enemies. I repeat all of these steps going back and forth from the safe area of the 1x recharger and the O2 recharger until enough enemies are defeated and I can safely save at the PB and use the 2x recharger. By the way, with enough practice, all of that can be done without too much trouble using no ammo. After saving, the rest of the level is a snap.

: From here there are a variety of things that must be done. First of all,
: there is a switch at the far northern edge of the map, located down in a
: pit and deeply recessed. It is distinguished by being next to a 3X shield
: recharger that you can't reach, but you can activate the switch with
: your magnum and then exit via a teleporter.

Speaking of this switch, I use a Fusion blast instead of the Magnum (for reasons having to do with ammo conservation). The only reason I bring it up is that I have had a lot of trouble getting a Fusion blast to activate that switch. I don't know why that is the case. It's easy to activate with the Magnum, but not with the Fusion gun. It seems to be very sensitive to where I aim with the Fusion gun. With the Magnum, I never seem to have to be concerned with aim....just shoot and it activates. Not so with the Fusion Gun.....course it could just be me. I wanted to mention it here for Matt and Andrew to investigate and check on.

: Located high up on the walls
: of the circular room are 3 switches that must be hit with the magnum in a
: sequence that is fairly obvious.

Ok, I investigated these three switches extensively. You only need to activate the outside two switches. As far as I can tell, the switch in the middle does not do anything crucial to finishing the level.

: One of the switches to activate is located high up on an
: overlooking ledge, and it can easily be shot from below. I have not found
: a way to reach that ledge thus far.

Again, I looked into the necessity of hitting this switch. As far as I can tell, it also does not do anything crucial to finishing the level.

: The player next continues down a long corridor that skirts
: around the perimeter of the final room, located at the eastern edge of the
: map.

When you first enter this long corridor, listen for Trooper grenade fire. If you wait there for a few seconds, those Troopers will suicide themselves.

: You may be curious as to why we haven't discussed the large area in the very
: southwest corner of the map. The reason is that this area is a trap,
: filled with monsters, that is very difficult to clear and that has no real
: rewards other than some interesting terminals to read. There is absolutely
: no reason to go there other than to read these terminals.

There is a bit of ammo right inside the first part of this area. Other than this ammo, I agree with Steve that it can be safely skipped.

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