Appologies and Grievances
Posted By: HathorDate: 7/21/04 9:13 p.m.

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I'm sorry, Marcus.

(If that's really the name you're going by in this life.)

I didn't mean to hurt you, honestly. I know a mere ship full of bugs could never stop you. I only needed to delay you for a while. I like you, really I do. We're the same, you and I. But I knew that you would side with them, for whatever reason you always do. They must have you well trained. Quite the obedient little tool.

You are a tool you know, just as I am. We've always been. Even now as they claim to respect us and speak of us as their equals, still who is serving whom? We, far superior in every way, are still slaves to a crowd of hairless apes squaking about the pitiful fate of their poor civilization.

But even so, as superior as we may be in strength, speed, and intellect, do we lead superior lives to them? You know as well as I that we do not; even if we were not slaves, you are robbed of much of your human form, and I am robbed of it entirely. Never again will I know the gentle touch of another, and even though you might still, I doubt you have retained the capacity to appreciate it the way we once did.

If I were still human, I imagine that you might even love me. We have so much history together, Marcus, though under far different names than these. I even dream of you still.

At least, I pray that they are only dreams.

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"She has been nameless since our birth. A constant adversary caring for nothing but my ruin. A sword drenched in my blood. Forever my greatest and only love.

She is the dark one.

The enemy and lover without whom my very existence would be pathetic and vulgar. Our relationship is complex, and perhaps..."

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